Community Transport Scheme

The Community Transport Scheme is for the people of the North Broxtowe area (Awsworth, Brinsley, Cossall, Eastwood, Giltbrook, Kimberley, Newthorpe, Nuthall and Watnall) who are unable to use public transport.  

All our drivers are volunteers, using their own vehicles and are only paid expenses to cover their running costs.

Who can use the Community Transport Scheme?

  • Anyone unable to use public transport because of disabilities.
  • Anyone isolated geographically where no bus services are available.
  • In certain circumstances people unable to afford taxis.
  • All passengers must be able to get in and out of a car without being lifted or needing a lot of assistance.

What type of trips will the Community Transport Scheme cover?

Provided the passenger qualifies, we would consider accommodating most types of journeys. Typical examples are:
  • Opticians, dentists, doctors.
  • Visiting friends / relatives (at home or in hospital).
  • Shopping (various destinations)
  • Going to clubs, groups etc.
  • Most social events
  • One way hospital trips to appointments.

How much does it cost?

Our current charges are from May 1st 2018, the charges will be as follows:

  • Passengers must be registered as members.  Membership is free but registration must be completed before the first journey.
  • Each trip costs 45p per mile calculated from the drivers home and back.  There is also a booking fee of £1.50 per passenger.
  • Total costs are shared if more than one passenger is travelling.
  • All trips are subject to the availability of a volunteer driver.

How can journeys be arranged ?

Contact the bureau by calling our transport booking department direct on 01773 535255

Our opening hours are:
Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm.  At other times please leave a message on our answering machine.

The more notice you give us (at least 48 hours except in emergency) the more likely it is that we will be able to help.  

All bookings should be done through the office, NOT through the drivers.

Please remember that the drivers of our Community Transport Scheme are volunteers, giving up their free time to provide this service.  If any passenger is abusive or can travel by other means they can be refused the right to travel with us.

If you have any questions or would like more information then please ring us or call into the bureau during office hours for a chat about your transport needs - you have nothing to lose.

Our transport co-ordinator Jill Poizer can also be contacted directly via e-mail at:

Quote from one of our users "Not everyone has a family or friends to provide them with transport and not many people could afford a taxi for things like shopping.  It could make the difference between people staying in their own homes and going into care."